Private searx project is finished

We are officially finished with the Private searx project. The goal was to extend searx capabilities beyond just searching on the Internet. We added support for offline engines. These engines do not connect to the Internet, they find results locally.

As some of the offline engines run commands on the searx host, we added an option to protect any engine by making them private. Private engines can only be accessed using a token.

After searx was prepared to run offline queries we added numerous new engines:

  1. Command line engine

  2. MySQL

  3. PostgreSQL

  4. SQLite

  5. Redis

  6. MongoDB

We also added new engines that communicate over HTTP, but you might want to keep them private:

  1. Elasticsearch

  2. Meilisearch

  3. Solr

The last step was to document this work. We added new tutorials on creating command engines, making engines private and also adding a custom result template to your own engines.


The project was sponsored by Search and Discovery Fund of NLnet Foundation. We would like to thank the NLnet for not only the funds, but the conversations and their ideas. They were truly invested and passionate about supporting searx.

Happy hacking.
kvch // 2022.09.30 23:15