Searx admin interface

manage your instance from your browser

One of the biggest advantages of searx is being extremely customizable. But at first it can be daunting to newcomers. A barrier of taking advantage of this feature is our ugly settings file which is sometimes hard to understand and edit.

To make self-hosting searx more accessible a new tool is introduced, called searx-admin. It is a web application which is capable of managing your instance and manipulating its settings via a web UI. It aims to replace editing of settings.yml for less experienced administrators or people who prefer graphical admin interfaces.

Screenshot of engine list

Fig. 6 Configuration page of engines

Since searx-admin acts as a supervisor for searx, we have decided to implement it as a standalone tool instead of part of searx. Another reason for making it a standalone tool is that the codebase and dependencies of searx should not grow because of a fully optional feature, which does not affect existing instances.


This development was sponsored by NLnet Foundation.

Happy hacking.
kvch // 2017.08.22 21:25