Step by step installation

Step by step installation with virtualenv. For Ubuntu, be sure to have enable universe repository.

Install packages


This installs also the packages needed by uwsgi

install searx & dependencies

Start a interactive shell from new created user and clone searx:

In the same shell create virtualenv:

To install searx’s dependencies, exit the searx bash session you opened above and restart a new. Before install, first check if your virualenv was sourced from the login (~/.profile):


Open a second terminal for the configuration tasks and left the (searx)$ terminal open for the tasks below.


Create a copy of the git://searx/settings.yml configuration file in system’s /etc folder. Configure like shown below – replace searx@\$(uname -n) with a name of your choice – and/or edit /etc/searx/settings.yml if necessary.


To check your searx setup, optional enable debugging and start the webapp. Searx looks at the exported environment $SEARX_SETTINGS_PATH for a configuration file.

If everything works fine, hit [CTRL-C] to stop the webapp and disable the debug option in settings.yml. You can now exit searx user bash (enter exit command twice). At this point searx is not demonized; uwsgi allows this.